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Gin Coffey Nikka

Gin Coffey Nikka


The Gin Coffey Nikka is produced in Japan distilling grains with a traditional Scotch Coffey still and infusion of Sansho pepper and many Japanes citrus fruits. Delicate, fresh, spicy and fruity perfumes come out from a smooth, velvety and creamy texture: a fresh citrus explosion!




Alcohol content

47 %


70 cl Bottle


Nikka Coffey Gin is an innovative spirit produced in the Japanese Miyagiko distillery, destined to rewrite the history of gin worldwide. It stems from extensive experimentation by Japanese producers with the Coffey column still, created in 1830 and imported from Scotland to Japan in 1963. Initially, this still was used for the production of soft, velvety, and light whiskies. Recently, it has been employed for the distillation of barley and corn for gin production, thanks to the brilliant insight of master distiller Tadashi Sakuma.

Nikka Coffey Gin is crafted from 11 different botanicals, including Japanese citrus fruits like Yuzu, Kabosu, Amanatsu, and Shikuwasa, Sansho pepper, apple juice, and other traditional botanicals such as juniper, angelica, coriander, lemon peel, and orange peel. The unique column still distillation process, using the traditional Coffey still, contributes to the great smoothness and fullness of the spirit. In this way, the Nikka distillery, after revolutionizing the world of quality whisky, establishes itself with this innovative spirit that has immediately gained great success worldwide.

The uniqueness of this Japanese spirit lies in the fascinating blend between the European identity of gin and fresh, delicate, and citrusy, at times exotic, nuances that this label can express, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in combination with other ingredients in cocktail creation. The aromas evoke a basket of fruit highlighting apples and different types of citrus, with a pleasant and delicate dusting of pepper. The palate is silky and enveloping, with hints of spices and bitter orange. Energy, precision, smoothness, and elegance characterize the high-quality creations made in Japan.


Crystal clear


Very smooth, velvety and silky, characterized by refreshing and citrusy aromas


Citrusy, fresh and fruity, with notes of apple, citrus fruits and subtle peppery hints

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