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Unique and limited edition Whisky, true excellence of the ancient Scottish tradition
Region Highlands (Scozia)
Foundation Year 1826
Address Adelphi Distillery, Acharacle, Regno Unito

The Adelphi Distillery is famous, not only for its long and glorious history, but also for having established itself in recent decades as a sure point of reference for those who love unique and absolutely special Whiskies. In the vast world of Scottish distillate, Adelphi has been able to carve out a particular space, becoming the most famous and quoted bottler of distillates coming from single barrels and rare limited edition single malts. A production that allows to know the thousand facets of the world of Scottish Whisky and to appreciate the best excellence, with labels dedicated to a clientele of great connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Adelphi Distillery was founded back in 1826 by Charles and David Gray on the banks of the River Clyde. In 1840, thanks to Andrew Usher, the distillation process was improved, also increasing production. In 1880 the company passed into the hands of Walker and Co, owners of two important distilleries based in Liverpool and Limerick. The distillery is undergoing a profound modernization of the production facility, with Coffey Still and four Pot Still working continuously to meet the great demand. It is in this period that Adelphi grows rapidly to become one of the most important and largest distilleries in Scotland.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the distillery went through many vicissitudes, until the final closure. It was not until 1993, thanks to the interest of Jamie Walker, that Adelphi revived under the new role of independent bottler of high-end whisky. The philosophy of the new company is to create a catalog of exclusive labels, produced in a limited number of bottles, dedicated to great fans. Thus begins a work of selection of single barrels of whisky of high quality and long aging, which are true pearls for connoisseurs. On average, only 4% of the batches evaluated are bottled, thanks to a rigorous selection process, which requires very high standards. Alongside this range of rare labels, Adelphi also produces an excellent Blended made with Whisky from various regions of Scotland.

Whisky by Adelphi distillery

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