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Traditional Rum Agricole in Marie Galante: craftsmanship of a small distillery
Region Marie Galante (Caraibi)
Foundation Year 1769
Address Distillerie Bielle, Grand-Bourg - Guadalupa

The Bielle distillery was born in the middle of the XIX century in the heart of the tiny Caribbean island Marie Galante, on a plateau 110 meters above sea level: a little gem that has arrived to the present day, cradle of agricole rum that are made using ancient techniques. A fine example of a unforgotten tradition, which is still a central part of the people lives, that can be seen in the frequent meetings that you can do along the dirt roads that dot the area: farmers aboard characteristic bullock carts, baptized with the most affectionate names. The same love of nature is poured into fine rum, produced with pure cane sugar, strictly hand-cut and transported with oxen throughout the island. The rich heritage that has been built over the centuries has had a very stormy origin, in a historical period - the end of the nineteenth century – that was dramatic for the many small producers of sugar. From their own ashes, these craftsmen have had the great insight to convert and relaunch their work, which has been subjected to the fierce competition by the large centralized plants, in another finely specialized job, the distillation of rum. Even today, at the museum of the distillery you can see its old machinery, for example, an old restored “sucrotte”. Its still is ancient and is Savalle three columns, while the barrels for ripening are ex-bourbon, ex-cognac, ex-sauternes and ex-bourdeaux. A special characteristic of Bielle consists in the habit of not burning the fields after the harvest of sugar cane: avoiding this widespread practice, which is dictated by the need to ward off snakes and weeds, the rum does not take burned notes. The distillery is estimated for its natural techniques, at the point to allow the historical gradation of 59°, above the limit of 57° allowed by law...Another important sign of the high regard for Bielle work comes from Italy itself, from the main master distiller: Capovilla. For the production of his famous Rhum Rhum, Capovilla has established a successful collaboration from the harvest of the raw material to the final bottling…Bielle’s small company has a large radius, in the world and over the centuries, a real, rare treasure, of bygone days.

Bielle rum distillery

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