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Birrificio Lambrate

Craft beer that combines tradition and creativity
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1996
Annual production 8200 hl
Address Birrificio Lambrate, Via Privata Gaetano Sbodio, 30/1 - 20134 Milano (MI)

The Birrificio di Lambrate is one of the most famous and lively breweries on the Italian craft beer scene. The idea of creating a brewery on the outskirts of Milan originated from the great passion of three partners, who in 1996 decided to transform an amateur activity into a real entrepreneurial adventure. At the beginning there were only two types of beer available. However, as the reputation of Birrificio di Lambrate grew, both among the curious and passionate Milanese in search of novelties and among craft beer experts, the range of beers grew. Today the company offers a wide range of beers inspired by classic international models, although reinterpreted with an original and creative spirit, which has always been part of Birrificio di Lambrate's DNA.

Birrificio di Lambrate's beers are the result of a desire to challenge the best known and most popular beer styles, and to reinterpret them with personal touches that convey the unique character of this Milanese brewery. The essential starting point is a careful selection and choice of raw materials, which allow to produce beers of absolute excellence. Barley malt, hops, yeast and water are the only raw materials used, together with the most important ingredient: creativity, which distinguishes each bottle of Birrificio di Lambrate. After grinding the barley malt, the brew wort is prepared and then filtered. Production continues with the boiling of the wort, inoculation of the hops, centrifugation, cooling and oxygenation. After the addition of yeast and fermentation, the beer matures for about a month before bottling.

Over the years, Birrificio di Lambrate has grown significantly. In 1996 it produced beer with a small 150-litre plant. Today the brewery has modern technology and a 20-hectolitre plant. The three initial partners have become five. Alessandra, Fabio, Paolo, Davide and Giampaolo share the tasks and work as a team, with the same spirit of friendship and collaboration that gave birth to the brewery. Today the range of the Birrificio di Lambrate includes 13 classic beers that are produced all year round, as well as a dozen seasonal beers that are only sold for a few months. The names of the labels are strictly inspired by classic words or expressions of the Milanese dialect.

The beers of Birrificio di Lambrate

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