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Paillard Bruno

Refinement, freshness and complexity combine in Bruno Paillard's Champagnes
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1953
Vineyard hectares 32
Address Avenue de Champagne - 51100 Reims

Bruno Paillard was born in 1953 in Reims, a small town in the centre of the Champagne region. Bruno's family had been involved in the wine business for several generations, so it was easy for him, at just over 20 years old, to begin his journey as a broker, gaining more experience year after year in the world of Champagne. However, Bruno had a burning desire in his heart, which was to create a sparkling wine with his own name, distinguished by its elegance and purity. Determined to make this dream come true, Bruno sold his Jaguar, and with the initial money started to lay the foundations of the company. In the first few years Bruno produced his own labels by renting space in some cellars and buying the grapes from the farmers. This might have seemed crazy in a market that hadn't seen the birth of a new company for almost a hundred years, but immediately the Paillard brand was a success. In 1994, Bruno started to buy the first vineyards and managed to expand more and more, aiming at a "slow" and sustainable viticulture, which was able to delicately fit into the Champagne terroir.

Bruno Paillard is a maison that today covers 32 hectares of vineyards, including 12 located within areas classified as Grand Crus. The grapes grown on this area, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, provide about half of the production needs of the winery, while the remaining part is purchased from local farmers, who have become increasingly loyal over the course of the harvests. Within the estate vineyards, there is a strict respect for the terroir, which is expressed through sustainable practices that aim to promote biodiversity and do not involve the use of herbicides or pesticides. Roses are planted close to the rows of vines as warning signs, as they are the first to be affected by downy mildew and other potentially damaging diseases. In the cellar, great care is taken at every stage of winemaking, and during the months between January and Easter, the art of blending takes place. Here, the house's reserve wines, which date back to 1985, are the key to the unique flavour.

Today, Bruno Paillard is a well-established production company that creates several different products each year that are sold in 30 countries around the world, from Europe to Asia and North America. These refined and stylish labels are 100% consumer-friendly, with each bottle clearly marked with the date of disgorgement, allowing wine lovers to fully understand the development of the sparkling wine. The Bruno Paillard Maison never ceases to amaze, with products ranging from the "Premier Cuvée" to the 2008 "Millésime", with its unique flavour and captivating label designed by the famous Korean artist Bang Hai Ja.

Bruno Paillard's Champagne

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