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Ca' del Brado

Old traditions, wild yeasts and plenty of experimentation: the sour beers of an Italian brasserie
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 2015
Address Ca' del Brado, Via Andrea Costa, 146/2 - 40065 Rastignano (BO)

The Ca' del Brado brewery is a dynamic and innovative production company that its young founders define as a "brasserie". The four friends who established it, Andrea, Mario, Luca and Matteo, are involved in the fermentation and refinement of malt musts, using different types of oak vats, and combining ancient traditions with lots of experimentation. Their passion for strictly artisanal production and their expertise in the world of winemaking and the choice of wood, provide the foundations for a fascinating and original brewing adventure that focuses on transforming must into artisanal beers for connoisseurs, which are often extreme and of great character.

The choice of the Ca' del Brado name originates from the union of the term "casa" ("home"), which is the territorial name used for many wineries, and "brado" ("wild"), which has a double meaning: the Greek word "bradus" ("slow"), indicating the patience required for maturation and refinement, and the Latin word "selvaggio" ("wild"), referring to the wild yeasts that are used for fermentation. The production philosophy is in fact based on the study and development of the yeasts and bacteria naturally present in the must and in the old barrels used, which encourages wild fermentations. This almost ancient approach, which is related to the oldest European brewing traditions, is however combined with a modern and innovative awareness, as well as scientific expertise. In the cellar, in fact, there is a genuine laboratory in which various types of yeasts and bacteria are analysed and propagated, which are then used to process the musts. Particular attention is paid to Brettanomyces yeasts, which are characteristic of spontaneous or mixed fermentation and are mainly used for the production of the so-called Brett Beers and sour beers.

The beers of Ca' del Brado are created by combining the world of wine and the culture of brewing. They are intense expressions that are not easy to approach, as they are often unexpected and amusing, and can evolve in the bottle over the course of months, constantly changing their character. Alongside the Brett Ale line, which launched the activity of the four friends, they produce beer based on the Vieille Saison or Farmhouse Ale styles, as well as fruit beers and IGAs. The main source of inspiration, which is closely linked to the phenomenon of the new American Wild Ale and the old Belgian rustic beers, is the knowledge that yeasts are the real stars of production, helping to revolutionise the world of artisanal beers in Italy.

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