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Bondonio Olek - Cascina La Berchialla

Olek and the artisanal world of the Barbaresco
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 2005
Vineyard hectares 4
Annual production 20.000 bt
Address Strada Riccardo Terzolo, 14 - 12050 Barbaresco (CN)
Oenologist Olek Bondonio

Olek Bondonio is the new artisanal face of the Langhe area and the current owner of the Cascina Berchialla winery. As a determined winemaker with clear ideas, Olek manages this very small establishment in the very heart of Barbaresco, in the renowned and historic Roncagliette area, which is one of the most suitable in the entire denomination. The winery's roots go back to the 1800s, when his grandfather ran the farm, cultivating the vines and supplying grapes to one of the founding fathers of Barbaresco, Angelo Gaja. Olek entered the scene in 1999 when, after graduating from Turin with a degree in Agronomy and Enology, and having travelled the world to learn the secrets of the trade (in the meantime he also discovered a strong passion for surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding), his grandfather divided the estate between him and his father. At the beginning, the young talent decided to concentrate on those 2 small and prestigious hectares he had inherited, and just a few years later, in 2005, his first bottle was released on the market, conquering a large number of admirers.

Today, the hectares owned by the Cascina La Berchialla winery have become four, with the addition of other rented vineyards in nearby Altavilla and Neive. His long experience in different countries and his rich background of education have allowed Olek to elaborate his own philosophy, which is based on a traditionalist approach without fixed rules, aiming at highlighting the expressiveness of the territory. His modern vision originates in the vineyard, where he is fully aware that the soil is the main ingredient for growing healthy grapes that are rich in genuine flavours. Therefore Olek prohibits any form of interventionism with chemical products such as pesticides and insecticides, preserving the vitality and integrity of the soil. In the cellar, the same principles are followed, allowing the wine to be produced spontaneously from its own indigenous yeasts, allowing contact with the skins and avoiding filtration and clarification. Only the long ageing in wood can soften the wine and its youthful, confrontational character.

The wines of Cascina La Berchialla are unique in their kind, as they combine the historic tradition of the Langhe with a modern, artisanal approach. They are decisive and spontaneous expressions, with plenty of character, substance and body, which bring the old farming recipes back to life and interpret them in a modern way. The Barbareschi wines (in particular the Roncagliette cru) are austere and elegant, while the other red versions are younger and more light-hearted. This winery offers a remarkable range of red wines for those who want to experience the true natural essence of the Langhe area!

The wines of Cascina La Berchialla

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