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The authentic face of Peru from the heart of the Amazon
Region Lima (Perù)
Address Lima, Perù

The Amargo produced by the Peruvian brand Chuncho is a Bitter with unique characteristics. It is the result of the country's oldest traditions, and a true expression of Peruvian history. Chuncho has decided to market and introduce the world to a recipe that originates from the age-old customs and knowledge of the Indios people who live in the Amazon forest. In an environment dominated by wild nature, the Indios have passed on, from generation to generation, the experience and empirical knowledge they have learned while living in the largest rainforest on our planet. It is an ecosystem with a very rich flora, with plants and herbs that are completely unknown to the populations of the old continent.

In an environment where all the means of survival come from plants and animals, it is essential to know which botanicals are dangerous, which are not harmful and which possess particular ingredients that can help soothe pain, cure illnesses or simply have a particularly pleasant taste. Amargo Chuncho is the combination of a wide range of fragrances and aromas that come from a mysterious and impenetrable land, which can only be understood by those who have the wealth of information passed down within the tribes from the oldest members to the youngest. The necessity of adapting to a hostile environment and being able to distinguish, within a lush and luxuriant nature, the plants that are useful for survival, those with beneficial effects, those that are edible, and those that are fragrant and aromatic, was born.

The name of the Bitter refers to a particular tribe of Indios in the Amazon, who proudly and fearlessly resisted the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores. In memory of the ancient inhabitants of the Peruvian lands and their unbreakable relationship with the forest, Chuncho decided to create a bitter with a selection of 30 herbs, plants, roots, wild berries and barks, collected from the Peruvian forest, including Quina and Sarrapia, which are the country's symbolic plants and appear on the national flag. The bitter therefore became a symbol of the true soul of the Amazon, capable of expressing an absolutely unique and inimitable taste. Dense and rich in aroma, Amargo Chuncho is ideal for enhancing the taste of Pisco Sour with a few drops or for the preparation of typical Peruvian dishes.

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