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Prestige and depth of expression: the eternal miracle of Napoleon's cognac
Region Poitou Charentes (Francia)
Foundation Year 1835
Address 2 Place du Château, 16200 Jarnac

The Courvoisier Distillery, which is among the oldest and most prestigious cognac producers, was founded in 1809 and its first loyal customers were no less than Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III and Charles Dickens. The first distillery was built on the banks of the Seine river, in the suburb of Bercy, just outside Paris, by Emmanuel Courvoisier and Louis Gallois, who were two friends with the ambition of creating the finest and most refined cognac in France. From 1811 Napoleon became a loyal customer, and continued to order cases of Courvoisier even during his exile, becoming famous among British soldiers on St Helena as 'Napoleon's cognac'. In 1828 the sons of Emmanuel and Louis moved the distillery to Jarnac, in the heart of the Cognac region, to improve production by using grapes directly from the cru of Grand Champagne, Petit Champagne, Boderies and Fin Bois. Even today, the entire production process of this prestigious cognac takes place in the Chateau Courvoisier in Jarnac, where a museum and a fine boutique have been built next to the distillery.

The techniques and production methods of Courvoisier Cognac have not changed in two centuries of history. Even today, Ugni Blanc grapes from the Cognac region are still distilled exclusively. The grapes are harvested in October and vinified in seven days in small wooden barrels, resulting in a dry and fruity wine, which is slightly acidic and has an alcohol content of only 9%. This is followed, without ever separating the lees from the wine, by a double distillation in a Charentais still of only 25 hectolitres. Starting at the beginning of November, it is distilled 24 hours a day until the 31st of March, which is the deadline for distillation as defined by cognac regulations. The second distillation produces a 70% distillate that is left to rest in oak barrels for at least two and a half years. After ageing, which can last up to decades, the distillate is bottled in very elegant and unique packaging, which is worthy of containing a cognac of extraordinary beauty.

The Courvoisier cognac is one of the best and most profound examples of the famous French distillate. The unconventional distillation with lees gives the cognac an unparalleled complexity and depth. The strict selection of the wines and then of the ageing woods guarantees the finest and most sophisticated aromas. Now famous and renowned throughout the world, the elegant and precious Courvoisier bottles are a definite must for lovers of the finest spirits as they contain the extraordinary "Cognac of Napoleon".

The Cognacs of Courvoisier

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