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Domaine Thomas & Fils

The ancient history of Sancerre
Region Valle della Loira (Francia)
Foundation Year 1670
Vineyard hectares 16
Address Domaine Thomas et Fils, Rue du Pressoir - 18300 Chaudoux, Verdigny

The Domaine Thomas et Fils winery is an old establishment in the famous Sancerre area. The estate is located in the town of Verdigny, which is in the heart of one of the most famous areas of the Loire Valley region and only a few kilometres north-east of Sancerre. This is the so-called "Central Vineyard", which is the eastern part of the Loire, right in the centre of France. The origins of the Domaine are very old and date back to 1670, following 13 generations of winegrowers up to Julien, who has been at the helm since 2005. Over the centuries, the Domaine has managed to preserve a family atmosphere and the ancient traditions of one of France's most renowned wine terroirs.

The success of Domaine Thomas & Fils is based on a heritage of expertise that has been handed down from father to son and has always been geared towards producing wines that express the true essence and strong personality of the terroir. The estate covers a total surface area of 16 hectares, which are characterised by very suitable soils and a cool, continental climate. The soils of the Verdigny area are composed of white soil and pebbles. These white soils are marnes kimmeridgieennes, which are made up of banks of limestone with clay components that formed in the Jurassic period, around 145 million years ago. The Caillottes areas, which are even older, are made up of compact white limestone pebbles. These soils are very well drained and rich in minerals, which are very suitable for white grape varieties, particularly the Sauvignon Blanc, which expresses itself here with exceptional finesse and freshness.

The Domaine Thomas & Fils vineyards are managed without the use of chemical products and with the utmost respect for the land. Biodynamic principles are adopted between the rows of vines to ensure that the vines are balanced and to strengthen their natural defences against parasites. Treatments are carried out only with sulphur, copper and biodynamic mxitures, to preserve the vitality and fertility of the soil. This approach was chosen out of environmental sensitivity and to allow the vines to reveal the character of the terroir and produce authentic and genuine wines. The philosophy of the Domaine is geared towards producing quality wines, which are made from high quality grapes. The work of the vigneron is limited to transforming the grapes into wine, with as little intervention as possible. In the cellar, spontaneous fermentation and indigenous yeasts are used to preserve and enhance the character of an extraordinary terroir.

The wines of Domaine Thomas & Fils

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