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The chic and vintage aperitif that conquered France
Region Bordeaux (Francia)
Address 8 Cours du Mal Foch, 33720 Podensac, Francia

The history of the Lillet maison starts way back in 1872 in Pondensac, a small French town on the banks of the Garonne river, between Bordeaux in the north and Sauternes in the south. The idea was developed by brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet, who sold liqueurs, important wines and pastry products. They were the first to introduce a very original spiced wine to the market, which was made from a blend of French white wines flavoured with fruit liqueurs and then aged in oak barrels for a year. Its success was immediate and their bottle soon became the symbol of the French aperitif, spreading to all the best pubs and bars in Bordeaux. In the roaring 1920s it also arrived in the French capital, where the cultural and social ferment of the famous Les Annes Folles marked its large-scale diffusion, becoming one of the most evocative and vintage establishments of the time and establishing itself as the quality aperitif. By 1930, it was already widespread worldwide and in 1937 an advertising campaign for the American and French markets was organised by Robert Wolff, which remains famous to this day. It also made its first appearance in cinemas in the film Casino Royale, when it became the basic ingredient of the Vesper cocktail, which was greatly appreciated by the famous James Bond.

Considered nowadays as a sort of distant relative of the modern Italian Vermouth type, it is produced in 3 distinct styles: Blanc, Rouge and Rosé. The first is the most famous as it was the first to launch the success and spread. Later, in the 1960s, the red version was also created, which was launched to satisfy the needs of red wine connoisseurs. Finally, in 2011, the latest product was introduced, a rosé version, which is remarkable for its freshness and spicy-fruity notes.

The extreme qualitative characteristics of Lillet wines allow them to be drunk straight or to be used as ingredients for new and eccentric cocktails. The Blanc is defined by a golden colour and a sweet, elegant and soft body, with hints of honey and candied citrus fruits. The Rouge, with its luminous ruby colour, displays aromas of spices and ripe red fruit, making the taste more voluminous and intense (also ideal as an after-dinner drink). Finally, the Rosé, which is ideal to drink with a slice of grapefruit and ice, is striking for its delicate, feminine and long-lasting structure, which is enriched by fresh fruity and spiced notes. Essentially, Lillet wine is a must-have for everyone, offering a classy and enjoyable addition to the aperitif!

The wines of Lillet

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