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Long Pond

The great and powerful Pure Single Rum of Jamaica in a limited edition
Region Giamaica (Caraibi)
Foundation Year 1753
Address Long Pond Sugar Factory, Clark's Town, Trelawny (Giamaica)

The Long Pond Sugar Factory is one of Jamaica's most historic and important distilleries and sugar mills, operating since 1753 in the Trelawny area, and closed between 2012 and 2017 for restructuring. Over the course of its very long history, the distillery has expanded by acquiring the properties of other smaller distilleries that went bankrupt during the 1900s due to the fluctuating trend of the sugar cane market. Long Pond's far-sighted choice was to continue producing rums strictly following the recipes of the acquired distilleries, continuing to label the productions with identification marks, according to the ancient tradition of Jamaican distillers. Marks such as VRW or STC^E identify the style of the Vale Royale Wedderburn and Simon Thompson Cambridge Estate distilleries, which ceased to exist in 1952 and 1947 respectively, although not all marks have been clearly deciphered. TECA and TECC for example seem to refer to the old Tilston Estate although the meaning of the last two letters is still unknown.

The Long Pond distillery had never bottled the rums it produced and had always sold the casks to international merchants and bottlers. The mark was therefore always a clear and commercially valid indication of the type of rum contained in the barrels. Italian importer Luca Gargano, director of distribution company Velier, bought several casks which had been stored at the distillery before it closed in 2012, making it the first official bottling of rum produced by Long Pond and aged entirely at the distillery in Jamaica's tropical climate.

The bottles of Long Pond Rum are precious rarities that are sought after by collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts all over the world. They reflect the magic of the most authentic, traditional and intense Trelawny terroir spirits, produced from high quality sugar cane molasses distilled in double discontinuous stills, with no additives and bottled to full strength. They are very intense and full-bodied, with a high ester content, which is indicated on the labels using the increasing scale: Common Clean, Plummer, Wedderburn and Continental Flavoured. The term Pure Single Rum, coined by Gargano, refers to the origin of the rum, which is distilled, aged and stored for many years at the distillery's headquarters in Trelawny.

The Rum of Long Pond

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