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Freshness and smoothness of the Siberian finest vodka
Region Siberia (Russia)
Foundation Year 1868
Address Irkutsk, Oblast' di Irkuts (Russia)

The Mamont vodka brand boldly expresses the glacial character of Siberian Russia, a territory in northern Asia known for its extreme climatic conditions. The idea to create this vodka, packaged in the unmistakable mammoth tusk-shaped bottle, has its roots in 2001, when a group of 12 explorers became trapped in the South Pole after an emergency landing. While waiting for rescue, to counter the freezing cold of Antarctica, the explorers warmed their bodies by drinking vodka. Meanwhile, the group was already planning their next adventure: going in search of the great Siberian mammoth. Thus, when the tusk of the Yukagir mammoth was discovered a year later in the cold Siberian tundra, one of the explorers rushed to the site of the find, where he found a spectacular mammoth in an excellent state of preservation, preserved from the action of the ice over the millennia. To pay tribute to the extraordinary find, the explorer decided to create Mamont Vodka, a Russian term meaning "mammoth" precisely.

Mamont brand vodkas are produced in-house at the Itkul distillery, the oldest in all of Siberia, built back in 1868 in the Altai region, famous for the purity of its water sources. Itkul is the only distillery in Siberia that directly controls all stages of production, from grain germination to final bottling, in one place. Specifically, the grains used are winter wheat, rye, barley and millet, left to germinate after harvest. Following the alcoholic fermentation of the grain mass, as many as 6 distillations are carried out in copper stills, an operation aimed at obtaining a very pure vodka. The distillate is then diluted with water from the local artesian spring and is finally filtered with birch activated carbon enriched with silver ions. This is followed by packaging with the original mammoth tusk-shaped bottle.

Mamont vodkas are distillates with a smooth and pure character, proudly Siberian. Perfect to enjoy neat cold, these vodkas also lend themselves exceptionally well to making cocktails, such as the classic Moscow Mule.

The Vodka by Mamont

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