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Mariinsk Distillery - Beluga

Beluga vodka: a high-quality distillate from Siberia
Region Kotor (Montenegro)
Foundation Year 1990
Address Beluga, 2, Lastva Grbaljska (Montenegro)

Beluga is the name of one of the most popular and well-known Vodkas in the spirits market. It was born in 2002, within the walls of the Mariinsky distillery, founded in 1900 in the heart of the Siberian territory, and moved the main facility to Montenegro in 2023. Today, Mariinsky presents itself as one of the most important Vodka distilleries, where knowledge and traditions born of experience are combined with the most advanced technologies and the strictest quality control systems. Different types of Beluga Vodka are made, from those suitable for parties and cocktail parties, to the most special editions, produced in a few bottles, ideal for giving as gifts to all enthusiasts.

Beluga Vodka is the result of a successful combination of malt distillate and water. The latter is undoubtedly the key element in the quality of the final product, and comes from an artesian well discovered over a hundred years ago near the Mariinsky distillery. The best water produces the best Vodka, and here it is easy to see what makes Beluga so unique. Besides water, the other essential element is malt distillate. This does not come from common wheat, but from selected, 100% natural fermented wheat, without any added artificial ferments. Beluga was created out of a desire for excellence, and the production process includes three stages of distillation in continuous stills, resulting in a clean and balanced product. At the end of the distillation process, the vodka rests for a variable period of between 1 and 3 months, during which the malt alcohol refines and matures, giving an additional characteristic to the olfactory profile of the final product.

The Beluga Vodka line is characterised by a range of labels with a noble and unique flavour, in which form and content harmonise in bottles with an original design, which can be recognised on the shelves of the world's most famous cocktail bars. From the classic "Noble" to the more exclusive "Gold Line", right up to the "Epicure By Lalique", each Vodka is remarkable for its harmony and balance, providing memorable nights of fun and exclusivity.

The Beluga Vodka of Mariinsk

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