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Gin Nordés

Gin Nordés

Atlantic Galician Spirits

Gin Nordés is a Spanish gin pruduced from Albariño wine with infusion of typical Galician spices. It is a smooth, fresh and light spirits which expresses the soul of the region, animated by the sea breezes of the Atlantic Ocean




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Nordés Gin is a Spanish distillate born in the captivating region of Galicia, thanks to a skillfully crafted blend of local botanicals. It stands out as a unique gin, distinct from the classic gins saturating the market, strongly rooted in its identity. It captivates the senses with a salty profile on the nose, evoking the breezes that daily sweep across Galicia, carrying with them the scent of the sea. The label is aesthetically adorned with a stylized world map, where a small red arrow indicates the territory of origin. It's a distinctive choice recommended for gin enthusiasts looking to explore something new.

Nordés Gin is crafted through a peculiar production process. The initial alcoholic base is, in fact, a distillate of Albariño wine, a grape traditionally grown in Galicia, which is infused with various ingredients. In addition to juniper, ample space is dedicated to Galician spices like sage, mint, bay leaf, cardamom, and ginger. The entire distillation process is carefully and attentively followed, concentrating the most intense and pure aromas in the heart of the product. At the end of the process, the gin is ready to be bottled and brought to market.

Nordés Gin appears in the glass, completely colourless, crystal clear, and transparent. The bouquet of notes that develop on the nose tells a captivating floral story, from which references to aromatic herbs and hints of the sea gradually emerge. On the palate, it is of medium body, smooth and light, thanks to a balanced, refreshing sip. This label originates from a young Spanish distillery in the heart of Galicia, whose name evokes the impetuous Mistral wind that comes from the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the walls within which the soul of this gin is forged.


Crystal clear


Smooth, light, fresh and very well-balanced


Floral and smooth, with scents of herbs and marine hints

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