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'L'Estro' Casa Caterina 2013

'L'Estro' Casa Caterina 2013

Casa Caterina

L'Estro by Casa Caterina is an elegant and chiseled white wine made in Lombardia. Refines for 24 months in oak barrels and expresses a rich and enveloping sensory profile, with a variegated nose and great aromatic impact with aromas of dried fruit, flowers and citrus fruits, while the sip is rich and enveloping, fresh and with a lingering savory finish. 




Marsanne, Sauvignon, Viognier


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation of 30 days with indigenous yeasts in barrique


24 months in French oak barriques

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Casa Caterina's "L'Estro" is one of the few still whites bottled by Aurelio Del Bono, a surgical fusion of caressing tactility and saline length. The giant of Franciacorta strikes again, with what is a veritable gem in a limited edition, and capable in blind tastings of swaying colleagues from beyond the Alps who are much better known and more emblazoned. The histrionic producer from Monticelli Brusati tries his hand almost entirely with French grapes,  managing to characterise them in a personal way, by virtue of long ageing and extremely limited yields but losing nothing in finesse and definition. From bubblly ones to the rare still expressions, each bottle of Casa Caterina is a small pearl, capable of defying time in a virtuous manner, and remaining indelibly imprinted in the minds of those who taste it. Without exaggeration, experiential liquids.

The white wine "L'Estro" by Casa Caterina is made from a blend of white grapes from vineyards near the winery, on alluvial deposits of clay, limestone, silt and sand. In the vineyard, work is carried out sparingly and only when necessary, while in the cellar the alcoholic fermentation takes place spontaneously for 30 days in barriques and the liquid is aged for 24 months in French barriques.

"L'Estro" Casa Caterina presents itself in the goblet in a shiny, bewitching golden guise. The nose is undoubtedly impactful and devoted to olfactory richness, where clear hints of saffron, dried orange, white pepper, honey and toasted fruit stand out, for a fascinating profile that shuttles between Italy, France and the East. Filling and caressing on the palate, enlivened by a satisfying contribution of salt and freshness and long persistence. Overpowering.


Shiny golden yellow


Full and enveloping, rich in pulp, fresh, savory and persistent


Saffron, citrus peel, orange blossom honey, incense, toasted hazelnuts

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