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Rum Black Spiced Cherry and Vanilla Kraken

Rum Black Spiced Cherry and Vanilla Kraken

Kraken Rum Company

The Rum Spiced Kraken is a dark and very intense rum from Trinidad and Tobago, flavoured with natural spices including ripe cherries, frangipani and vanilla, aged in oak barrels. It has a rich, structured and extrovert personality, particularly suitable for creating great cocktails




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


12-24 months in oak barrels


Black Spiced 'Cherry and Vanilla' Rum from the Caribbean brand Kraken is a distillate with a sweet and persuasive flavour profile, the result of an infusion process with black cherries and vanilla from Madagascar. The base is Black Spiced Rum, Kraken's first and best known rum, like all the distillery's other products packaged in the distinctive old-fashioned bottle that has become an icon of Kraken rums. While the cherry is cultivated in several countries, Madagascar vanilla, in the Bourbon variety, is among the best known and most prized in the world, exported to every corner of the globe for its aromatic intensity and purity.

For the production of its Rum Black Spiced 'Cherry and Vanilla', the Caribbean company Kraken uses a base of Rum Black Spiced. This originates from premium sugar molasses that undergoes fermentation and distillation processes. Subsequently, the rum is then flavoured with a selection of spices, as well as black cherry and Madagascar vanilla, before being aged for a long period in oak barrels until final bottling.

On visual inspection, Rum Black Spiced Kraken 'Cherry and Vanilla' shows a very dark and consistent amber colour. The olfactory range shows fruity and sweet spice sensations reminiscent of black cherry and vanilla, combined with hints of brown sugar and spice cake. The palate is smooth and velvety, appropriately sweet, with rich fruity and spicy sensations accompanying the finish. An unconventional rum to be enjoyed neat on its own or to be used in the preparation of revisited cocktails, such as a Cuba Libre or an alternative Mai Tai.


Dark, deep and very intense amber


Rich, intense and spicy, with cherry, vanilla and frangipane


Intense, wide, long, sweet

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