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Sylvaner 'SKIN' Andi Weigand 2020

Sylvaner 'SKIN' Andi Weigand 2020

Weigand Andi

The Sylvaner "SKIN" by Andi Weigand is an "orange" produced in amphora, it is intense, 'funky' but very clean. The Sylvaner ferments on the skins for 9 months and the final product has a great body but, with the first sip, we realize that it is not a heavy wine. To the nose we perceive peaches, jasmine and intriguing hints of freshly cut grass, a distinctive feature of this winery's Sylvaner wines. On the palate it is sharp, fresh, savory and surprising for its dynamism: ever-changing, it gives different sensations with every sip 




Sylvaner 100%


Alcohol content

11 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in amphora


9 months in amphora on the skins

Filosofia produttiva

Orange Wine, Amphora Wine, Natural, Indigenous yeasts, Macerated on grape peel, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


With "Skin," Andi Weigand offers a version of Sylvaner that is decidedly far removed from any stereotypes and classic aromatics: an orange wine made from his favorite grape to show what can be done when you put terroir and grapes at the center of your work.

The Sylvaner "Skin" made by Andi Weigand represents the orange version of his other label dedicated to this variety typical of the Franken region. The grapes come from plantings planted more than 40 years ago over a soil consisting of layers of rocks of clay and shale origin, called Keuper and typical of the northern and central parts of Europe, originating about 230 million years ago. The area extends into the middle of Germany, near the Main River and on the northwest-southeast line that connects Frankfurt to Nuremberg.The vines dwell on the slopes of the Kronsberg and look down on the village of Iphofen below from altitudes between 300 and 400 meters above sea level. No synthetic chemical treatments are used, and all processing follows the dictates of organic and biodynamic certifications. Harvesting is done by hand at the moment of full ripeness, and the winemaking stages in the cellar are carried out in amphora: fermentation takes place spontaneously inside Georgian qvevri and terracotta vessels, where the must will remain in contact with the skins for the next 9 months. After racking, the wine is pressed using an 80-year-old basket press: bottling involves no filtration or clarification and no addition of sulfur dioxide.

Andi Weigand's Sylvaner "Skin" presents a dark orange color. The nose is defined by complex, iridescent aromas, constantly alternating between oxidative notes and a rich bouquet of vegetal, floral and fruity sensations: freshly mowed grass, white petals of jasmine, yellow flesh of peach. The sip is equally dynamic, of saline verticality and taut freshness, leading to a dry finish of interminable mineral presence. The orange garb of this interpretation offers us the discovery of a Sylvaner out of the norm: complex and airy, pulpy and vertical, certainly of incredible purity. Try it on sliced charcuterie, fish soups, stewed vegetables.


Deep orange


Ever-changing, sharp and very fresh, of great savouriness


Yellow fruits like peach and white flowers like jasmine, sensations of freshly cut grass

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