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Whisky Single Malt '100° Proof' Port Askaig

Whisky Single Malt '100° Proof' Port Askaig

Port Askaig

The Whisky Port Askaig 100° Proof is born from the selection of Islay whiskies, bottle cask strenght without additives and non chill-filtered. Smoky and peated notes are integrated to fresh and marine scents of salt and citrus fruits and to sweet and dry spices in a full-bodied, energic, warm and vibrant taste




Alcohol content

57.1 %


70 cl Bottle


Selection of Single Malt aged in Port Askaig


Port Askaig's "100° Proof" Single Malt Whisky is born from a careful selection of premium whiskies produced on the Isle of Islay, which are bottled at full cask strength, without additives or filtration. It embodies the absolute purity and maximum expressive intensity of the classic spirits from the Scottish islands of the Hebrides archipelago, known for their peaty, saline, and briny notes that have made them famous worldwide. It is a label for connoisseurs and lovers of the most authentic Islay style.

The "100° Proof" Port Askaig Single Malt is a special whisky produced from a blend of the finest casks from various distilleries on the Isle of Islay. It is a precious whisky that combines the island's excellences, acquired in small quantities, to release only a few bottles onto the market destined for avid enthusiasts. The label takes its name from Port Askaig's location on the eastern coast of Islay, overlooking the stretch of water that separates it from Jura Island. The cold oceanic climate and the iodized and briny winds of the area contribute to creating a particular microclimate, which has proven ideal for whisky maturation. Once the spirits are chosen, they are bottled at 100° Proof, corresponding to an alcohol content of about 57 degrees. Thus, one of the most appreciated bottles from Islay is born, sought after by all enthusiasts of high-quality peated Single Malts.

The "100° Proof" Port Askaig Whisky is a Single Malt with a very distinctive profile. Due to its blended nature, more than representing a single distillery's style, it reflects the taste of a territory, a production philosophy, and a maturation tradition that belongs to all of Islay. The colour is bright golden yellow. The aromas are characterized by citrus and white pulpy fruit on a characteristic peaty background, enriched with iodized and maritime sensations. The palate is warm and intense, with pleasant sweet and spicy notes. The finish is long, smoky, and briny.


Bright golden yellow


Very intense, warm, mineral and spicy, with long sweet and smoked notes


Rich, smoked and peated, with scents of lemon, white fruits, salt and dry spices

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