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Salvetti Ilaria

Sparkling, still or passito: the many facets of Erbaluce di Caluso
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Address Via G. Marconi, 7 - 10014 Caluso (TO)

In Caluso, in the foothills of the Alps north of Turin, for three generations the Salvetti family has been engaged in viticulture, an agricultural art to which they devote themselves with real love and passion. It all began with grandfather Talin, who produced wine for self-consumption. In 2005 his son Carlo decided to buy new vineyards, turning this passion into a real production activity, and seven years later the winery was officially born with the entry of Ilaria, Carlo's daughter, who continued the work of renewing old vines and buying new plants, bringing the total vineyard area to the current 4 hectares.

The Ilaria Salvetti viticultural reality cultivates vineyards located on the morainic hills of the Caluso area, about 350 meters above sea level. The main variety is Erbaluce, which the winery vinifies in different types, from sparkling to passito passing through still white wine, thus showing its remarkable enological ductility as well as its noble qualitative attributes. The other grape variety raised by the Salvetti's is Riesling Renano. Sustainable agriculture aimed at safeguarding the environment is implemented in the field and, since 2016, the winery can also boast organic certification. The main agronomic operations, such as pruning and harvesting, are carried out strictly by hand, with the utmost care and attention to the plants, and before soft pressing, the bunches are carefully selected. Fermentations occur entirely spontaneously thanks to the action of indigenous yeasts, while maturation takes place in steel tanks or in small used oak barrels, depending on the wine in question. Peculiar, on the other hand, is the processing of the passito, with the grapes being laid down on bamboo mats after harvesting, where they remain to dry for 3 months. Afterwards, the precious wine obtained from the fermentation of the must rests for a full 60 months in oak barrels.

Ilaria Salvetti's production revolves around Caluso Passito, a wine that the family has been making for decades. However, the other labels, with a very diverse style, are united by a rare finesse and harmony, configuring themselves as authentic expressions of the character that Erbaluce takes on in Caluso.

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