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Champagne Brut Blanc des Blancs 'Le Nombre d'Or Sablé' Aubry 2018

Champagne Brut Blanc des Blancs 'Le Nombre d'Or Sablé' Aubry 2018


"Le Nombre d'Or Sablé" is a champagne blanc des blancs very elegant, with hints of floral and pleasant notes of bergamot and ginger and a sharp minerality. The word Sablé means that there is lower pressure of the bottle, so its consistency is very velvety, with a creamy perlage




Champagne AOC


Chardonnay 40%, Arbanne 30%, Petit Meslier 30%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Champagne produced by Champenoise Method, with a second fermentation in the bottle


36 months on the lees

Filosofia produttiva

Recoltant Manipulant

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Aubry's "Le Nombre d'Or Sablé" is a Champagne from another time. Dosed as Brut, Blanc des Blancs as the association of the grapes that make it up: slightly predominantly Chardonnay and two other indigenous grape varieties, such as Arbanne and Petit Meslier. Sablé is a registered word for this type of Champagne made with less pressure and from a mousse that is creamier than usual, thanks to the less sugar-rich liquer de tirage and saccharomyces yeasts.

Le Nombre d'Or, the finest vintage that have rested in Aubrey's cellars since 1983, are carefully chosen in the blending of this pioneering Champagne. Present in the composition of the final cuvée are the grapes of only one monocru, from Jouy-lès-Reim. The first fermentation takes place, by parcel, in steel. Once the cuvée is assembled, the second fermentation is started in the bottle according to the Champenoise method. Finally, the wine stays 36 months on the lees. The dosage of sugar is minimal, so as to enhance its own characteristics.

Aubry's Champagne "Le Nombre d'Or Sablé" is straw yellow in color, with a light perlage and creamy mousse. On the nose there are hints reminiscent of bergamot, hedgerow, honey, white peach, quince and caramelized orange. Round and very fresh palate, the harmony revealed by the sip is original and delicate, with the presence of a crisp fruit traceable to ripe pear. Definitely an uncommon Champagne and one to try!


Straw yellow, with a light and creamy perlage


Elegant, refined and with a beautiful minerality


Fine and elegant flowers, with notes of bergamot and ginger

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